You mind us of beeing crippled
Mass appear to watch devil
Radio why you’re so late
You turn to make your brain
It’s a shame
There’s no blood to bleed , no sex to seeing with
I wish that you will never (…)to begin with
Ra, radio , ra ra ra hey
Oh no my radio !

You big brother radio
You suck the jam of the big fat toe
Cos you know you’re killing me
You don’t even know the sounds
Tell me , you bitch
Hopefully know the way that the fucking smashed ass
They’re really great , I really think they are
If you want to steal the (…)of my car is a radio
Ra ra ra , oh
Ra-di-o !
Radio ! Me and all each
Radio ! Watch do the bitch
Radio ! You my truck feel like you (……) feel good !
Radio ! Radio ! Radio ! The children (…) medicine , you
…fuck you want to …us
Radio , radio , oh
Yo ! One ( …) day
You’ll be my wife
Radio ! ! You put me in a edge
(…) For one thousand tapes
Make sure that a song (…)
Fuck off !
Ra ra ra - Oh radio !
Ra ra ra ra (…)
Fuck you try to (.....) us !
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Radio Lyrics

Jeff Buckley – Radio Lyrics