You came in and out of my life,
Like lightning in a storm
And by the time the thunder rolled in
I reached for you and you were gone
I guess I barely got to know you
Guess I hardly know myself
I still have some things here for you
That I can't give to no one else.

Never did say goodbye
I never did tell you
How you changed my life
About the time you came along
We got caught out in a storm
And I got lost without your light
Now every time they call for rain
I reach out to touch the sky
Maybe I'll see you again
Maybe that's the reason why
I never said goodbye.

I get so tired of pretending
That you never flew away
Seems like I'm always defending myself
And how I think of you this way

If I can see you in my mirror
Then maybe you can see me too
On a sunny day I'm feeling better
On a cloudy day I look for you.
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Never Did Say Goodbye Lyrics

Jeff Black – Never Did Say Goodbye Lyrics