You live in a dog house
Dats why nikkas ova here know you as a water sprout
Oda nikkas said dat you think you was strong
Buhht last night ur house was bombed
What you did?
Sitting and watchin trey songz
Okay lets move on to ur momz

I banged her head on the hard as wall
Aimed ma g-lock at ha and den she falls
Forget about da g-lock lets move on 2 ma hatchet

You bum as nikka how you wanna go catch ihht snatch ihht
I aint wit ihht cuz I aint da baddest
Ayohh I wear ed hardy
You bum as nikka you look like bob marley
You bum as nikka you can't even throw a party
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Bum As Nikka Lyrics

Jazzy Boi – Bum As Nikka Lyrics

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