Baby I'm gonna break it down (tell you truth)
I wanna prove my love for you (it is real)
Cannot Resist these feelings inside (not anymore)
Just gotta have you in my arms.

Will you be by my side
When I'm falling apart
Lend me a helping hand when in need.

My heart is just for you
I breathe to be with you
I wanna love you day and night


With just one smile you fulfill my world

My heart is beating for so much more

You are the reason I aint so low

You must be an Angel from above that guides my soul

Open my eyes, and all I see is you (only you)
I see you when I close my eyes too (dunno why)
They tell me I am outta my mind (crazy in love)
'cause' they aint know what I'm going through.

My world spins around you
My times to live are few
I'm never gonna be the same, Oh girl!

Its tearin' up my heart
Lets take it to the start
A chance is all I need to prove this.

Chorus (1x)


I remember the time
The first time I met you I felt so heavenly
When I realized that miracles are reality
So Please Baby Please there's always a possibility

Chorus (2x)
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You Must Be An Angel Lyrics

Jazz – You Must Be An Angel Lyrics