Hey, baby
What you ah deal wit?
We come true a lot
A tings you know?
So what happened to you?
Me make one
Little mistake
You want done us?

If I had you back in my world
I would prove that I could be a better girl
Oh, oh, oh
If you let me back in I would sure enough never
Never let you go again
(Hey, baby)
I was so foolish to ever leave your side
Searching for what was right
Before my eyes it was me
Who didn't realize till it was gone
But now I know I need you in my life

Boy I need you bad as my heartbeat
(Bad like the food I eat)
Bad as the air I breath
(Baby, I want you bad)
I need you bad I can't take this pain
(Bad I can't take this pain)
Boy I'm 'bout to go insane
(Baby, I need you bad)
I need you
I need you
What I gotta do
(Baby I want you bad)
I need you
I need you
Do it all for you
(Baby, I need you)

Baby there's nothing I wouldn't do
To get back what we had
When love was true
(Oh, oh, oh)
No lie I'd give up all I got
Just so I could get back in my spot


When you want him so bad
And you gotta get him back
Say oh, oh, oh, oh
(Oh, oh, oh, oh)
Cause if wrong ain't no better two
You are together
Say oh, oh, oh, oh
(Oh, oh, oh, oh)
If you believe in love and you
Can't give him up
Say oh, oh, oh, oh
(Oh, oh, oh, oh)
If there's nothing you won't do
To get back with your boo say


Me ah
Do this for you baby
Me ah stand here with my heart in my hand
Yea no see me?
Me can't think me can't eat
Me can't breath
What happened to you
Why you ah make me go through
Them somethin' yea?
Come back to me baby
Me do anything for you
You hear?
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I Need You Bad Lyrics

Jazmine Sullivan – I Need You Bad Lyrics

Songwriters: Lamb, Cainon / Sullivan, Jazmine / Elliott, Melissa(Elliott,Missy) / Osborne, Taurian / Stanton, Nicholas Taylor / Sinclair, David
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