I pray for my enemies, I told Lord bless ‘em both of ‘em
Popping throw the duceds but fuck it, I never own duchess
My worst experience it's to die broke
Life is a jungle but with the ones I will?
Music always been a part of us
Mamma was never hard on us
I was always worry when she had to rock ‘em for all of us
Start to drink a lot and then? Was never recording us
Give a fuck and this was obvious
Life style, love a dope boy you simply coding vetting
To niggas turning splint on that alfa David
I'm judish with the bread, every dollar calculated
The nigga sigh way, this nine will get it calibrated
I'm just a dreamer, I'm asking God to shine a light
This niggas off and they probably die in this pillow fight
I'm smoking hashes, son of the silver pipe
I told that bitch to won the? Run and kill ‘em right back
Committed the sins and fight on nights that?
I ain't concern about? Bitch I'm just living life
This whore just let it cut just like a kitchen knife
I'm on that cupa knife, I brake them when I flip the dice
I eat bees and then I split on the pistols crown
Catch me on the old school ball the victim on
Mister Biggy phone, nigga get the phone and get back
Cash room, let that all to nigga like ball that
Fuck you, get each other with all of that
Ass rules nigga give me all of that
How you plan to go on with that
Picking on your dope just do it all that
I own all of that, nigga doin' all of that
I own all of that, nigga doin' all of that
I own all of that, nigga doin' all of that
I own all of that, nigga doin' all of that

Man, my nigga in the city they can't fuck with me
Beside the og, young pussy nigga is week
Nightmare yeah, we put these niggas to sleep
All frog ass niggas, I dare you foggiest to leave
Flame ass niggas can't walk in this pair of shoes
Jump on airplanes and shut that gose while I pair the?
High as a pair of? I scope like a pair of truths
Rob this? Cuz this bullet gonna berry you
I just hit they all, niggas agitated like they care belong
These other nigga spinning, so on the table clow
Thank to God is soft and they can break them all
Pussy ass nigga getting jealous cuz we taking off
I'mma a face, got your bitch cooking?
Hundred grand, that get my nigga? He rest in piece
Kick game like a pries, I told you I'm sucker free
Political jewels, I split it wild on my?
Toes to the marvel, I'm zipping wide on the bitch
I ride like a beast, then ride aside like a?
Garbage ass nigga, you fucking with lies as week
And you can lose your life, if you fuck with me, capich?
In this way, show you how to switch blade, penetrate
I fuck whores to look like?
I start brake in pillow case and hit your face
This? Got me feeling like I zip in face
Cash rules everything around me
Money over bitches told these lame ass whores to get around me
East side killer, I come and kill?
All the times you wanna fuck it you motherfuckers around me
Fuck your worries and do alladat
Cash rules niggas, give you alladat
How you plan to go alladat
Kicking on your dope, let's kick it alladat
I'll do alladat, nigga do it alladat
I'll do alladat, nigga do it alladat
I'll do alladat, nigga do it alladat
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Alladat Lyrics

Jarren Benton – Alladat Lyrics


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