Dear Billy
How are you? I hope you are well.
The flowers are blooming,
The plants I can't really tell.

I see by your letter
You have no intent to come home
So I'll take the kid and the house
And make out on my own.

Dear Billy,
I'm trying to say what I feel
But the feelings are wrapped up in pain
I hope you're enjoying whatever it is

You are doing in whoever's name.
Well the night it runs cold
And it chills to the soul
But you wouldn't know, what's the use?

It's all one to me, so go ahead and be free
After all you've got nothing to lose

I still go to school
And the kid she goes too
We're learning to silence the fears.
When no one is here

She calls me 'dear' and I wait for you
What else can I do?
No nothing has changed
It all stays the same.

We all remain ever faithful
But a little confused
Except maybe you who threw the harpoon (?)
Are you coming home soon?

Dear Billy
Please send my regards to your lady
I wish her well
And I hope that one day we will meet on the far side of hell

Well the night's got the moon
And the writer his tune (?)
But I never had nothing except you
On the day that you die

We'll sing lullabies
In the hopes that you got yours too
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Dear Billy Lyrics

Janis Ian – Dear Billy Lyrics

Songwriters: JANIS IAN
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