Don't let the sun go down on me, I do not want to be alone tonight
We'll be right, you'll see, night is a shadow on the soul
And if you want to set me wholly free, stay by me tonight
I've been afraid of love, knowing I need you to stay
I've been ashamed to love, knowing you're leaving me day after day
I'm begging you, pleading, I like you best when night runs
A shadow on the soul, no more empty hands to hold
Don't let the evening sun go down, I haven't found a way
To trade the night, sheer delight, burning bright, candlelight
Lay me down, astound me, not a sound, surround me
Skies unbound, I'm unwound, lay me down
I've been afraid to love, this is no time to hesitate
I've been ashamed to love but lay me down, I just can't wait
I like you best when night is a pleasure you can give
Lay me down, now I know how to, lay me down, now I know how to
Lay me down, now I know how to live
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Candlelight Lyrics

Janis Ian – Candlelight Lyrics

Songwriters: JANIS IAN
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