I want a good deal, better if it's free
But I charge a lot, want more money
Don't want to work, just want more pay
Cut corners here, make more that way
Meanwhile, I work in a large room
I work in a room that's large and bare
I'm at this work bench every day
I never miss a day, I keep my tools very organized
I have a special place for all my tools
This tinny radio is all I play, I love music
I'm working on this new invention
And I'm really, really excited about it
I think, it needs something extra here
In the evenings, I read tool catalogues
I'm studying the grain of my work bench
I can fix anything you like I'm humming a tune
While I wait for the answer to appear
When I get stuck, I go fishing
Put in the clutch so to speak and glide
I coast among the rabble and the right words
In my work, I take great pride
Meanwhile, I need more things, I need more money
Don't want to work, want things for free
Cut corners here, make more that way
I have no pride, the world is unfair
My shop is a long meadow in a winding landscape
In a series of elevations with a few cows and a babbling brook
I love to do what I love to do
This excludes anything I don't like to do
The pleasure is in the peace of mind
The pleasure is mine, mein bitte
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Mein Bitte Lyrics

Jane Siberry – Mein Bitte Lyrics