Whenever I see your smiling face
I have To smile myself
because I love you

And when you give me that
pretty little pout
it turns me inside out
theres somthin about you baby..i dont know

but isnt it amazing a man like me
can feel this way
tell me how much longer it can grow stronger
everyday....somebody talk to me...

ohhh...no one can tell me that im doing wrong today
whenever i see smilin at me girl
no one can tell me that tell me that im doin wrong today
whenever i see you shine that big smile on down my way

(listen carefully i think this next part is right)
oh nnooo nah nah nah...nah nananah nah nanah nahhh nah
nanah nah nah nanaaaaahhh nahhh nanah nah nahnah nah nanah nah
nanah nah nah nah- nahnah nah nanah nahh nah nahh nahhh nahhhhh
ohhhh girl now...

nobody gonna turn me round
nobody gonna put me down
nobody gonna push me wrong babe...
whenever i see you smilin..

no one can tell me that I'm doin wrong today
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Your Smiling Face Bests Live Version Lyrics