The twilight's here
I'm still alone
I used to love you
But now I know
For all you've done to me
I know that you and I have inseparability
I'm sitting here watching TV
Watching a movie
That reminds me of you and I
So please tell me why...

Wonder why it's over
Now I'm listening to the radio
The song plays like "Oh this is where the magic happens without you"
What am I supposed to do
Hope nothing gets in your way...
So baby there is nothing you can say to me
I'm on the spotlight
You can't take me away
I can break you away
I don't care but I'm not gonna regret it
Just don't set it

I'm all alone at night
Thinking about you
Dream big 7x
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All Alone At Night Lyrics

Jake Tracey – All Alone At Night Lyrics