I'm gon' make you feel it

Tell me why you wanna be bad
Tell me why you wanna be bad babe
Sweating, why you callin' me daddy
Even you the best you ever had been
Make me feel like you ain't never had it
Stretching you out like you are elastic
Turn around, poke it out so I can grab
Flip that ass over like we in gymnastics
I baby tell me that you want it deeper
I don't ever wanna come round
Put you in a coma, yeah, a sleeper
I know that your body's been in drugs

I'm gon' make you feel it

Tell me, do you wanna be bad, babe
With the shots, paw paw, you bust off like a noosie
Think I'm gonna need another mac, babe
Back that ass upon me like I'm jewvie
It's going down, turn around
Let me feel yo bootie
I'ma private in your parts
I'm at duty, girl give it to me
Baby, you remind me of my jeeper
The way you body's bouncing up and down
Feels like a tsunami or katrina
I swear I am weak enough to drown,oh girl

I'm gon' make you feel it

Take it to the whole play, dayum
Why should roll neon?
Easy on my twiter
Take me on deep boy
Talkin' bout girlfriends,
Young nigga, I got three of them
And you somehow secure bout that loo shit
Damn, why a nigga can't see her
Damn, we can't be lovers till the end of time

I'm gon' make you feel it
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Feel It Lyrics

Jacquees – Feel It Lyrics

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