Fallen down, I'm on my knees
No ambition left for me to care about
Somethings got to change I've lost my dreams my everything
And my whole world is turin upside down
Lets get lost
And throw it all away, yeah
Lets get lost
And well just disappear, to anywhere but here
Lets get lost
Lets get lost
I'm runnin scared, not runnin free
Tired fly flappin at me all the time
No where left to go, I've got no hope, out of control,
Come on baby noe lets live out loud
Chorus repeat
Its much too vague
Weve passed the point of no return
Were face to face
Lets firer it up and watch it burn
Na na na nana na na (4x)
Chorus repeat (2x)
Na na na nana na na
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Let's Get Lost Lyrics

Jacob Young – Let's Get Lost Lyrics