There's a question inside your mind
Something's gotta give
If she tells you the answer's no
How you gonna live with yourself
'Cause you might seek the truth from deep inside
But you won't know it till it hits you, yeah

Love is a living thing
Makes you high and makes you sing
Underneath she hides her sting
The devil's in the details
Love is a sudden wind
Blows you down and sucks you in
Whips you then it's gone again
The devil's in the details

If you want that girl you've got to learn
To read between the lines
Play with fire and you might get burned
It happens all the time in her world
When you find her, you can touch her, try to leave her
But she's never gonna miss you, no


Time to let the games begin
If you don't play then you can't win
Some are truth and some are lies
Some one fools and some are wise
She has got you hypnotized

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Devil's In The Details Lyrics

Jacob Young – Devil's In The Details Lyrics

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