Reach out and touch
Reach out and touch

Darlin' just relax
You melt me like hot candle wax
One touch and my whole body melts
You just say, you say you can't express yourself

Oh, just keep doin' what you're doin'
Fancy words would only ruin it
Touch (Touch me)
That very special touch
If I satisfy you (If I satisy you)
How can you satisfy me

Don't you worry baby why
You see these tears of love in my eyes
I feel this love flowin' through
Like a river girl straight from me to you

Your touch means more than words
Than any language ever heard
Touch (touch me)
That very special touch
Every brand new day (Every brand new day)
I wake up wanting you the same ole way

Reach out (Touch) touch me
That very special touch
Yeah touch (Touch me, touch me, touch me)
If I satisfy you (If I satisfy you)
How you satisfy me
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Mark Lyrics

Jackson 5 – Mark Lyrics