Years from now
Maybe I'll be thankful
You said goodbye
But if you leave me tonight
I know I'll cry

And the reason I'll cry
Is cause I love you
Yes, I love you, baby
You know I love you
And I thought you
Felt the same way too

Years from now
My heartaches and the
Suffering will be gone
I know I'll miss you
Miss you when I'm all alone

And the reason I'll miss you
Is cause I need you
Yes, I need you, baby
You know I need you, yeah
I did my best to please you

Cause I love you
Yes, I love you, baby
You know I love you, yeah
You know that my love is true

Years from now
Years from now
It's gonna be all over
One day, woman

It's gotta be all over
But all the heartaches
And suffering will be gone

Remember, darling
I love you, love you
Yeah, I love you so much
Years from now...
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Years From Now Lyrics

Jackie Wilson – Years From Now Lyrics

Songwriters: A. TUCKER, R. ADAMS, H. OTT

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