The weariness of life has crept upon me
Dark clouds now burst above my head
God's face appears although it veils from my presence
But with authority and love these words He says
I'm not finished until My glory shines upon you
My workmanship is now being revealed
These things must be endured but for a moment
And I'm not finished until My glory can be seen
I'm not finished hear the words of My Father
The hour of change is fast approaching now
My grace will be imparted to you freely
For the glory of the Lord is soon to come
(Repeat Chorus)
With my hands upraised and the strength of heart within me
I shout a loud sustaining praise and now hope arises with a deeper faith and courage
For the glory of the Lord is being revealed
(Repeat Chorus)

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I'm Not Finished Lyrics

Jackie Mccullough – I'm Not Finished Lyrics