[Black Child]
Y'all ni***z don't know
But we about to fuckin let y'all know
You gonna get a motherfuckin up close interview
With the motherfuckin murderers
Ni***z is gonna let y'all know
About us
The Murderers

[Black Child]
I'm that n***a that just came home from jail
I'm that n***a that's lack as hell
I'm that n***a that don't give a f**k, I'm foul
I'm a murderer m**********are, Black Child

I'm that balse b***h that'll scheme on your man
I'm that evil b***h that'll f**k up your plans
I'm so dangerous you can't f**k with this b***h
Vita, murda mistress

[Tah Murdah]
See I'm that n***a that'll hit 'em for dope
And I'm that n***a to bust a 4 and crush the rows
See I'm that n***a that'll kick in your door
And duct tape you, leave you unaware of where we take you
I'm that revolver spittin, barrel turnin
Hard headed n***a who never learned, but guns stay burnin
And I'm that n***a the quick feds heard of
Quick clip inserta
B***h, Tah slash Murdah

[Tah Murdah]
Yo who that n***a Tah Murdah from Murder Inc
Oh, you that n***a killin ni***z before they blink
N***a, do you know me
I don't think
Just spit it and get aquitted
And blow 'em outta sink

[Black Child]
Black Child a n***a from across the way
(Oh yeah I heard of you nigga)
Let the torred spray, ok
Poke holes in ni***z like oj
With this gun play, ni***z we blow 'em away

Are you that n***a J to A are-you-L-E, probably
Up in the broad on Broadway (all day)
Herbs who learn the hard way
While y'all b*****s pull late
We bring it any and every way

[Ja Rule]
M**********are who you dealin with, that n***a
Platinum in three weeks, I'm that n***a
Can I Get A, Holla Holla my n***a
Run up in hoes, possibly yours, I'm that n***a
Pain ain't something I fear, I swear ni***z
I'ma clap up barely in air, cuz I'm that n***a
Movies, yeah baby I'm that n***a
Portraying all the murderers and drug dealers
See I'm that n***a for life
F**k with a J to A
Come on now you know me n***a
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Dem Niggaz Lyrics