(Cole, cole, cole, cole
And on the count of 3
Baby girl
Cole, cole, cole, cole
And on the count of 3
Baby girl
Cole, cole, cole, cole
And on the count of 3
Blow up – ah
Blow up – ah)

Yea – and that I will
N***a and that I will
I keep a checklist of rappers that I'mma kill
I used to play the bleachers before I had a deal
Now a n***a gettin burnt, just imagine how that feel
Mmm, ill, fantastic
Flip rhymes, flip beats, n***a jamnastics
Your style hot now but they just can't last wit
Somethin like the rap sandcastle
Gone with the tide
I'm here for the season
Bend your a** over b***h
I'm here for a reason
Cole breezin, flow freezin
This ain't spittin ho – I'm sneezin
Used to hit South Beach, stay at the Parisian
No fun n***a, low funds was the reason
Old school bed that the hoes got pleased in
Now them loes dos is what I throw peas in
Man talk about a come up
N****s see me in the street, they talkin bout The Come Up
Or talk about The Warm Up
Aye n***a when yo album drop?
And why these little rappers like to run they mouth alot?
And J. Cole are you really from the south or not?
I see yo jeans, man them thangs musta cost a lot
Aye do you get a chance to hang out with the boss alot?
Even them hatin n****s like you at the barbershop
Cole! Yeaaa, that's my motherfuckin name
N***a couldn't even watch the allstar game
Had to do the ole valentines day thang
Gotta play the game so my lady won't complain
3 or 4 days I'll be back on a plane
Do a couple shows where the people know my name
Look man the crowd full of pretty young thangs
If you gone do dirt then you can't leave a stain
Mane, tiger woods ya'll
He like the white girls
I like them hoods yall
She got her hair straight, she got a good job
She give the best brain, she got them good jaws
I got that good game, that's cause I'm good ya'll
J. Cole the little engine that could ya'll
And yea I'm comin for the top like I should ya'll
And b***h I'll never fall off
Knock on wood ya'll
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Knock On Wood Freestyle Lyrics

J Cole – Knock On Wood Freestyle Lyrics