Woke up with rain on my head
I can't dry off, so what should I do instead?
Swim to the biggest flower bed
Pick one for you and kiss you, my love

So when the storm clouds dissolved into thin air
Like when my hands got lost in your thick hair
Dogs bark, long days, not dark
The sky's blue so what should we do?
We can do anything we want to

Millions of sunsets but the one I'll remember
Is the one where you told me you'll love me forever

Took a long walk into the woods
Climbing the world's biggest tree
And then they tried to cut it down
But we didn't make a sound
The sun blinded them, they couldn't see

Woke up next to you in your bed
Another day to do it all again
Creeped out into the sun
Another day to give you all my love

Millions of sunsets but the one I remember
Is the one where you told me you'd love me forever
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Jogging Gorgeous Summer Lyrics

Islands – Jogging Gorgeous Summer Lyrics

Songwriters: THORBURN
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