There is no end to this spiral of pain
Walls get thinner and lines get erased
Mortal thoughts are mixed with him
Infixed and refined
I see more clearly what it all means
Tragic race, I'm part of this disease
Divine suffocation
Bring this world to an end
Raving masses, a gfrenetic breed
Passes thorugh life unseen
Humans dying and ask for bliss
To enter the heavenly scene
Over populated - heaven!
Garden of lust - turned into hell!
Your god is not awake
Dogma - your god has failed
No belief
God never was
No belief
Your creation crumbles and dies away
I am no longer chained, master
I am unleashed from there mortal thoughts
Satan is the name I see the future evolve with it!
I am the shield,
I am the knife inside their dreams
I speak no human tongue
I travel paths obscene
Over populated - heaven!
Garden of lust - turned into hell!
There is no god
Your dogma is no longer
Speech is no longer an option
And action has had its course
No dreams just broken hope
The charades all end here
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No Belief Lyrics

Insision – No Belief Lyrics