It's so cold so cold
Abscond I will not
And I can't I won't
Leave it behind
I can't leave it behind

What is this feeling around
This phenomenal state
What is this atmosphere
What of it to make

I'm feeling high tonight
Fly all above the world
An aurorous atmosphere
I feel invincible
I can take on everything
In an aurorous atmosphere

Nowadays I'm free
The lights are all clean
Darkness is not bad
Auroras creep up on me
They creep up on me

What's this atrocity
Where has my longing gone
What is happening
All of it disappeared

I'm feeling alone tonight
Like a stone drop from the sky
No aurorous atmosphere
I feel defenseless
I feel weak and tired
With no aurorous atmosphere
Aurorous atmosphere

Maybe it's time to go on
I guess I will leave here
With fond memories of
An aurorous atmosphere
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An Aurorous Atmosphere Lyrics

Insidious Frustration – An Aurorous Atmosphere Lyrics