Ahhh make way for the lunatic I wanna stop,I drive by the camp quick I want necks 2 or 3 maybe 4To squeeze again, and again, and squeeze some moreI came up, walkin down boulevardThen this girl, she makes my nutsack hardI don’t know, what about my mental stateThey might find a bitch dead, there’s nothin thatI less hate babe jump in, toots, hungry? Well I got some, nuts oh shit, she’s suckin on my wangThen somethin goes, snap, bang eek bitch, ha ha, dieHer neck long, skinny like a french frySo I twist, turn, tangle then I strangle cuz I’m the southwest stranglaI want necks, long, tall, skinnyAny ol’ necks at all, if any jenny, linny, sydney,Sue I want, necks, so I go to the zoo I choke a pelican,I did it right I choke an ostrich, long ass neckBut I’d rather be killin at the prom I pick up my date,I get to meet her mom hello miss I hurry home quickAll I wanna do is choke her neck, bitch worry not,I bring the corpse back I just wanna hear her neckBone snap why me? hey I’m sweatinCommotion, dilution, confusion, psychoAll I wanna do is kiss ya good-bye beforeI mangle ya cuz I’m the southwest stranglaI got the southside scared, cuz I’m weirdI was a freak in the 2nd grade I had a beardI sit alone in the back of the art classAnd draw necks with a big red dashI never thought, I’d be a lunatic a disgraceA dropped out mental case I quit school, but I never left the hallsI grab kids and drag ’em in between a wallHear ’em scream, echo through the gym classYou hear me chokin bitches up in the wind shaftThey call me, the ghost of the bad lands butI’m really just a killa, with big handsAllow me to squeeze your neck deerUntil your brains pops dead out your fuckin earBury them in my back yardWith a twisted spine broken bones cuz I’m the strangla
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Southwest Strangla Lyrics

Insane Clown Posse – Southwest Strangla Lyrics

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