Boy you've been away
So long
Funny but our love's
Still strong

When its good it keeps you
Hangin' on
And on the inside
Ain't no big thing no it ain't

No crime
I know you love me
'Cause you tell me all the

That's the one thing that
Eases my mind
Your gonna keep me inspired
Sending out my love get a

Message through
Got a heavy thing for you

Can't stop missin' you all I
Wanna be is kissin' you
Can't you feel me wishin' we were
So together, baby

Can't stop hoppin' time will fly
And we'll never say goodbye
And forever we will be
So together you and I

Every night I say a prayer
That in the morning maybe
You'll be there
And your never gonna go

Nowhere anymore
For the rest of my life
Sending out my love
What else can I do got a
Heavy thing for you

Like a burning in my heart I'm
Callin' out your name
You made a fire start now
You get the flame
You came into my life I'll

Never be the same
But baby its alright sending
Out my love
Gotta get a message through

It's the crazy thing
A crazy thing but
What else can I do
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So Together Lyrics

Innosense – So Together Lyrics

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