I left my anger in a river running highway 5
New hampshire, vermont, bordered by
College farms, hubcaps, and falling rocks
Voices in the woods and the mountaintops

I used to search for reservations and native lands
Before I realized everywhere I stand
There have tribal feet running wild as fire
Some past life sister of my desire

Jonas and Ezekiel hear me now
Steady now and don't come out
I'm not ready for the dead to show it's face
Whose turn is it anyway?

Now when I was young my people taught me well
Give back what you take or you'll go to hell
It's not the devil's land, you know it's not that kind
Every devil I meet becomes a friend of mine
Every devil I meet is an angel in disguise


White, chain, rope, fear
(hush my darling)
Be still my dear

A bullet in the head, now he's dead
A friend of a friend, someone said
He was an activist with a very short life
I think there's a lesson here - he died without a fight

In the war over land where the world began
Prophecies say it's where the world will end
But there's a tremor growing in our backyard
Fear in our heads, fear in our hearts
Prophets in the graveyard


Jonas and Ezekiel hear me now
Steady now I feel your ghost about
I'm not ready for the dead to show it's face
Whose angel are you anyway?

I said there's prophets in the graveyard
(now I walk in beauty)
Prophets in the graveyard
(beauty is before me)
Prophets in the graveyard
(beauty is behind me)
(above and below me)
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Jonas And Ezekial Lyrics

Indigo Girls – Jonas And Ezekial Lyrics

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