Now that you're right here,
Let me whisper in your ear
Now that you're listening,
Let me tell you how I fill
I've been trying to formulate
The perfect words the perfect way
I can't hold it back no more
I gotta let you know today

Simple (What more can I say)
So Simple
I Love you (What more can I say)
Simple (What more can I say)
So Simple
I Love you (What more can I say)

Now that you're listening let me tell you what I need
Now that your holding me let me show you what I mean
I've been trying to analyze
just what it is I fill inside my heart
But now I realize it don't have to be so hard
Cause it's


Once the power is for real
And I gonna say it again
And again
I Love you [Repeat: x6]

Now you know how I feel
Tell me what are you gonna do
Now that I've said the words
Tell me what do you have to lose
I know that you feel it to
I can see it when I look into your eyes
You're scared, but you don't have to be
It's alright cause it's

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Simple Lyrics

India Arie – Simple Lyrics

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