So this was all that you got?
Nothing but idle talk and two faces
Man what have you become?
I feel pleased to see your face on the concrete
Better not cross my path again
Cause there is no way back
I'll make my way through this world
Forever turning my back on you
So this was really all that you got?
How could you ever face me as a friend?
Blackout - now I'm ready to hit
One stitch for every lie
Time for some action
To end your sad existence
My mouth like gun
Spreads these words like bullets right through your chest
And that's the bottom line
Friends become enemies
And time won't heal the wounds
We're parted until the end of time...
You will never ever cross my path again
Cause there's no fuckin way back
The good old days...forever gone
All what's left is a lack of respect
You fuck around and get killed
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What Have You Become?! Lyrics

In Blood We Trust – What Have You Become?! Lyrics