Well it's a great, great mornin'
Your first day in Heaven,
When you stroll down the Golden Avenue.
There are mansions left and right
And you're thrilled at every sight
And the saints are always smiling sayin', "How do you do?"
Oh it's a great, great mornin'
You're first day in Heaven,
When you realize your worryin' day are through.
You'll be glad you were not idol,
Took time to read your Bible,
It's a great mornin' for you.

I had a dream, I must confess, I hated to awake.
He dreamt he was an angel at the great pearly gates.
Saint Peter said, "Well hello there, where have you been?
We've got your mansion ready so come right in. "
And then he rang for an angel to act as a guide.
He spread his wings a time or two and learned how to fly.


It's a great mornin',
A great mornin'
What a happy day.
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Your First Day In Heaven Lyrics