Unless the Lord, builds the house, we build it in vain, we labour in vain x2
So dear Lord, build Your house, inside of me, inside of me x2

Verse 1
I've built up these walls for years to strangle my fears,
To tie up my worries but I'm still tangled in cares
I've been tying them tighter to try and lighten the fighting,
But the weight is too great so I'm so tired of trying
To juggle all of these problems, my minds too troubled to solve em,
I sweep them under the carpet; disguise em with clothing
Now my pride is just wearing a cap, not lessened just pressing the fact,
That I'm in need of a saviour to take control cos I lack
Thought I had all I wanted; now my want has grown greater,
I'm in need of this saviour and I can't wait later
So Lord, break down all these walls that I've built
Inside with my hands just to fill
A gap that's grown greater the more I concrete my making,
I'm ignoring my Maker so make me live for your sake and
Create a new person inside, through your cleansing and breaking
Help know the true meaning of your sanctification,
Help know the true meaning of your sanctification.


Verse 2
A burden carrier, I built my own barriers
To stop an intruder, I made myself my own ruler,
These walls never helped, but I'm exposed if they fell
To show that filthiness dwells; but it's been kept to myself
Break me down from within, to living life with the selfless
Crumble this pride in my life cos I feel tied to the selfish
Ambitions I've built for myself, I'm pleading Lord build me anew
Take a hold of my life, and make it pleasing to you
Floor to the ceiling, completely indwell my being
But I'm still scared if I'm honest Lord, from all that I'm reading
But your love, it don't make sense and I'm gripped by your peace
And the things that I built for myself will wither and cease
Make something that's lasting, that'll cope through the fire
And even through high times, proclaim you Messiah
The king of my kingdom, cos the crown never fit
Come be enthroned on my heart, I invite you to sit!

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Build Your House Lyrics

Husky – Build Your House Lyrics