When she was young nobody wanted to baby sit her
Now she's all grown and all I wanna do is hit her
yeah she's such a pain
She's rattling my brain
She's so annoying and she's going to drive me insane
she's a brat!
And she's always at my door
She's a brat!
I can't stand that girl no more
Yeah, yeah, yeah
She's a brat!
she steals the candy from the kida on halloween
Knocks over all the trash cans in the neighborhood, how mean
she likes to run around and scream and yell all night
Look at her funny and she'll try to pick a fight
All the neighbors say her heads not screwed on tight
There's something about that girl that just ain't right
Oh no!
some people say its just a form of self expression
I don't care somebody outta teach that girl a lesson
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She's A Brat Lyrics

Huntingtons – She's A Brat Lyrics