He don't talk to her anymore,
She gets mad and she closes the door,
They wonder why it feels so wrong.
When it comes down to you and me,
It's everything that I want it to be,
I just need time with a feeling so strong.

How do I say what's on my mind,
Don't wanna be alone...

Anyone in love would know a feelin',
That you can't let show.
There's nothing more I want,
I wanna be together.
But anyone in love can see,
That there's a broken heart in me,
So baby take the time,
And make it last forever.

Maybe I'm wrong to feel this way,
There's so many things that I wanted to say.
Just give me a chance,
I'll give you my world.

How do I say what's on my mind,
Don't wanna let you go, oh no...


I believe in all of these things,
I knew it from the start.
When you open your arms to love,
You open your heart.
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Anyone In Love Lyrics

Hugo – Anyone In Love Lyrics