If money is the root of all evil
I'd like to be a bad, bad man
'Cause I'm sittin' here
With nothing but time
Trying to make you understand

My love for you is as good as gold
But I ain't got but one dime
If I could just get out of this soul
Baby we could have a good time

Man said time was on my side
He never knew me that well
'Cause I've got plenty of time on my hands
Time ain't easy to sell

If I could just get a little bit ahead
Think of the things we could do
I'd take your tiny little hand in mine
Spend a lot of money on you

[Chorus: ]
But time ain't money
You know it's a shame
Time ain't money
Unfortunate thang
Time ain't money
You know it's a bitch
If time was money
I'd already be rich

Suppose to be a check at the union
If only I could pick it up
I got hit with some bad family shit
It looks like I'm out of luck

I could be a very rich man
Baby you know that it's true
If I had a dime for every minute of time
I spend thinking of you

[Chorus: ]

[Repeat: 1st and 2nd verse]

[Chorus: ]
Time ain't money
Time ain't money...
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Time Ain't Money Lyrics

Huey Lewis & The News – Time Ain't Money Lyrics

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