She is reaching outer limits with him
He treads thin ice
So damn thin that he can sense the water
At his feet.

At the start he was a prince who brought gifts wrapped and well thought,
His lips needed no words
Kisses told her everything.

She's wearing his favorite shirt she owns
Yet still knows (he forgets it)

"No joke," she says
"I'll leave you, I'd never think to treat you like this
I can't believe it, I'll give you 3 more chances then I'm gone for good."

He swears he's really worth it
But has trouble showing it.
This routine is over
As he says to her
It hits her like a ton of bricks.

Another weekend in the transit station
Eyes glued to hands
Of the rushing clocks
Won't wait for just anyone.

She awaits the R2 patiently
With gifts clinched under arms,
For her lover that she misses oh so much
Right now.

He's wearing her favorite shirt he owns yet still she cries (he forgets it)

Friday train rides,
Sitting next to suit and ties to work
Six long hours cramped and crowded
Her regrets can't quite be counted
On both of her hands
But count on her goodbyes.
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Amtrak Is For Lovers Lyrics

Houston Calls – Amtrak Is For Lovers Lyrics