MacRoth is Maeve's messanger. In this song he reflects on the events of
The Tain.
I once told her
Where she could find her dream.
And I still adore her,
No matter how it seems.
I saw our stars fall,
Crash without a sound.
Stars go crashing
Faster than the Hound.
I saw him sleeping
Alone beneath the sky.
I caught him weeping,
And I, for one, knew why.
I saw the ravens,
Black without a sound.
Ravens swirling
Faster than the Hound.
I travel Ireland in a day.
You just nod, I'm on my way.
I've golden wings upon my feet.
I seldom touch the ground.
The only thing I'm not
Is faster than the Hound.
Now I watch her leaving
With the light of people's dreams,
Ignorant of rainbows
In the trees where we have been.
Also there are ravens
High above the ground.
Ravens growing closer
Faster than the Hound
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Faster Than The Hound Lyrics

Horslips – Faster Than The Hound Lyrics