What is it you want from me?
There isn´t much I will not do.
If it´s only company
You know, I might need that too.
Won´t you
Come anytime - I´m a man of leisure,
Come anytime, I await your pleasure.

There´s nothing new beneath the sun
We´ve butchered every sacred cow
Don´t tell me about all the things you might have done
Just tell me what are you doing now - right now.

Come anytime, I won´t give you pressure
Come anytime - I can wait forever
And if you can´t make up your mind
We could make it up together.

Things like this happen every day
Whatever happens, it´s O.K.
Why be afraid when we´ve got it made -
I´ll never ask you to explain.

What is it you want from me?
You won´t shock me easily.
Maybe it´s your heart´s desire,
Maybe it´s your wildest dream,
Maybe I´m a gun-for-hire but,
Baby, don´t we make quite a team, Don´t we?
Don´t we?
Come anytime (you´re so inclined) I won´t give you trouble
Come anytime (you´re going blind) or you´re seeing double
And I have never been the kind who´d want to
Burst your bubble.
Come anytime.
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Come Anytime Lyrics

Hoodoo Gurus – Come Anytime Lyrics

Songwriters: DAVE FAULKNER
Come Anytime lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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