[Intro -------- Debbie]
It's alright now
It's alright now -------- (But I can't see da sun)
It's alright now -------- (I got no place to run)
It's alright now -------- (What about da things that I done?)

[Holy. H]
Some times I feel like I can't make it on my own
And don't know what I'ma b when I'm grown
I just wish dat my stress could be gone
And I don't wanna be alone
God help me.

It's alright now
Wipe away your tears
I know your feeling down I want you to know my God cares.

[Holy. H]
I need help Lord, I'm on my knees
I'm down hear Lord, I'm beggin pleas
I wanna know if my future's bright
And if the time is right
Lord help me pleas.

[D] - God said
[H.H] - I know the storm you face
[D] - God said
[H.H] - I'll take you to another place
[D] - God said
[H.H] - I'll put you in amazing grace, and some day you will see my face, c'mon. (*2)

Some times you feel like you can't make it.
Feel like the pain so hard can't take it
Friend of mine I want you to know, my God will never let you go
So all I gotta say today, is dat help is on the way

[Holy. H]
Help is on da way
Yher I've heard it before
Help is on the way
But I can't see it no mo'
I wanna know if it's really comin for sure
Coz I can't take the pain no mo'.
I wanna live my life to the bomb
Don't wanna be boneyard young
I wanna keep da word like smoke to a puffers lung --- smoke to a puffers lung
Don't wanna catch the vapours
Gotta be myself never mind tha haters
Some times it's like I don't even care no mo'
Cause every day I still hustle 'n' struggle a new deal anyway

[Debbie & Holy. H] (Adlibs through out)
[D] - Know you know your pain is over.
[H.H] - Yher I know it's over now.
[D] - Can I say that I told ya?
[H.H] - See I know you told me.
[D] - All you had to do was pray to tha farther
[H.H] - Now I know
[D] - But it's alright now, alright.
[H.H] - Yher.
(Adlibs fade out).
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It's Alright Now. Feat Debbie. Lyrics

Holy Hustla – It's Alright Now. Feat Debbie. Lyrics