Whenever your heart feels like giving in
Always remember that I'll be there for it all
Cause there's nothing I would rather do
You always gotta remember
It's me and you and you and me
Against it all that's the way it gonna be
So don't forget
I'll catch ya through it all
No thunder no storm can stop me now
Cause I'll be to catch you through it all
No lighting can come between us no thunder no storm is gonna break me down
I'll fight to my very breath for you all always will
The world can't pull us down
Nothing can stop us it never will
Cause it always gonna be me and you against it all
Through to the very end
No storm can bring us down
No gravity can pull us down
So why fight the feeling it was always meant to be
It gonna be me and you and you and me against all it
And nothing can stop uo from winning the fight
Cause it's always gonna be me and you against it all...
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Me And You Against It All Lyrics