Has we proceed, get the proceeness
Proceeding this evening, who do you believe in
Pleasure or pain, angels or demons
Savin the Jesus, honesty or deceiving
What's the meaning, you be my hallo
And I'll be your zen if guardian angel
Carry the palo I put that on my bizac
My only mission put my f*****g state upon the...
Yeah... And murb so spiritual
I ain't even... My cigar like an a** take
Ritual n***a is the return of the lyrical
N***a sayin hi she off the street it's a miracle
Hey we party like we bringin in the new year
Girl I'm from the bottom s**t I ain't no I see you here
How the hell you get here f*ck it what a coincidence
All I know is life got me feelin splint different wrist

It's a beautiful, it's a beautiful, it's a beautiful, it's a beautiful life
It's a beautiful, it's a beautiful, it's a beautiful, it's a beautiful life
And them lights keep on glowing
When the nights turn into mornings
Is still lonely so devoted always calling me morning in this beautiful life

See now I spit on the market of beast but take six,
Spread love till the hate don't exist that's why they love me
Except my ex'es 'cause they old news ex'es and olds
No kisses so they don't hug me you get it, now get it from me
I'm dummy, I'm cold better act like you know it
If you ain't for the love then what you're in it for
I'm feelin it and still in the spot like I don't want it though
'Cause knowledge be the only thing that I could change infinit
Ah, I leave packs I don't catch up
Please that n***a though, n****s know killing s**t the eldest n***a feel it though
And I'm spittin dough killin shows you ice drillin show I'm chillin know
Calm it down, good vibes I'm basking in my comet now
You d**k so I'm asking you, to get the f**k around me
So I don't know where the f**k they found
But everything I'm on I better f*****g sound G

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Beautiful Life Lyrics

Hodgie Street – Beautiful Life Lyrics

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