You cast a spell on me
The first time I ever felt your caress
I turned around to see
Love at first sight my princess
I stood there paralyzed
You appeared like a vision divine to me
My heart had realized
I had to make you mine

You, you left a mark
Too deep in my heart
How could I forget you
You disappeared
I shouldn't have feared
If our paths would be crossing again
You're mine 'till the end

All my dreams became true
Can't believe that I've finally found you
Without you by my side
Wouldn't know how to ever get by
All my life I'll be true
There's no question my faith is in you
I'll be there by your side
'Cause in me you can truly confide

I had everything I could ask
Except who I really needed
When I laid my eyes on you
The path of my future revealed
Through all our days of sunshine and rain
I'll be your guide through the joy and pain
I swear this sacred vow
A promise to love you forever

You, you hold the key
You make me see
You're my hearts desire
Angel of delight
Love of my life
You're the answer to all of my prayers
This promise I swear


My dark princess of light
I'll be your knight
Proudly I'll stand by your side
Shining so bright
Holding you tight
Close 'til the day when we die
'Til death us unite

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This Promise I Swear Lyrics

Highland Glory – This Promise I Swear Lyrics