Thank you Uncle Jim for the Motley Crue records on my
Thanks Uncle Walter for giving me a christmas card
That said I hope to see you soon
Thanks Grandpa Terry for teaching me
How to play George Jones on guitar
Thanks everybody for making this Christmas so great

Now all we've got to do is sit and wait
For Uncle Walt and Jim
To bust through the fucking door drunk as hell

They've got beards they've got brews
They've got fucking dumb tattoos
They smell like piss mixed with smoke

And they always tell the same fucking jokes
Because they're drunks

The December day that you tried to say you missed
Memories of the ones that you love
Because you pissed your life away
Too late fuck you too late for you
It's hard to remember life in a bender
For now and forever life is a bender
It; s hard to remember
When I'm a piece of shit like you
Fuck you
Thank you Uncle Jim for the Motley Crue records
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Uncle Jim Lyrics

Hextalls – Uncle Jim Lyrics