Thought you were hot when I saw you with the t-shirt
What the fuck is Panic! at the Disco
Doesn't matter cause I really think I like you

I got nervous when we went back to your place
I'm not good at making out with the girls, dude
Doesn't matter when you're sitting on my face now

I shuffled through your iPod while you were taking a piss
AFI? What the fuck is this?
I'm going to have to beat you to death with a god damn


You make me sick
I can't believe I'm going down on you

When you took me to your room for the new tattoo
Unveil and show, what do you know?
You've got Good Charlotte on your belly in gangster

Shut up and put on my Ramones t-shirt
I'm trying to love you
It's the only way I'll love you
It's the only way that I can love you now
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Ramones T-shirt Lyrics

Hextalls – Ramones T-shirt Lyrics