Everybody's hungry for more
Most people deserve it
You can't bottle up your desire
Inside all the time
You want those jewels for your baby
Buy a castle a pool full of wine
Next minute y're facin' the judge
Cause y'are fantastic setup didn't work out fine

Right now
I'm runnin' out of lies
Can't you see
I'm runnin' out of lies
I'm runnin' out
I'm runnin' out of lies

People try & drag you down
Soon as you say it loud
Lock you up in schools & jails
While you feel like freakin' out
Stop this motor in my head
Let my mind go blank
No more action in vain
No more tappin' that old refrain

Runnin' out of lies
Runnin' out of lies

Burnin' with desire
Livin' on the velvet side of hell
Shuffle & jab clinch & holler
Hot blow draw blood ringin' the bell

Runnin' out of lies

Brain like a walnut
Memory safe as a strainer
Backbone straight as a banana
Let me be y'are entertainer

I'm runnin' out
I'm runnin' out of lies
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Lies Lyrics

Herman Brood – Lies Lyrics