I work my fingers
To the bone for you
What do I get in return

And when I think
About the things you do
You know I go into a slow burn

I ain't trying to run your life
All I want is you to realize

All I'm asking
Darling, Danielle, don't
Oh, no, Danielle, don't, oh, no

I know temptation
Gets the best of you
You may invite it
I don't know

Everyone needs a little excitement
I know that's true
Just how far will you go

Think twice
You know it's a mistake
Take my advice
Before it's too late

All I'm asking
Darling, Danielle, don't
Oh, no, Danielle, don't
No, no, no, no, Danielle, don't

Girl, don't do it
Girl, don't do it
No, no, no, no

Remember the good times
The fun we had
When you were my lover
Was that so bad

Honey, you don't need a lover
You need an audience
Well, this show is over
This is how it all ends

Wow, don't, don't
Don't do it, baby
No, no, no, no

Girl, I'm begging
Yes, I'm begging on my knees...
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Darlin' Danielle Don't Lyrics

Henry Lee Summer – Darlin' Danielle Don't Lyrics

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