When I saw him by the river
He just smiled and closed his eyes
He said: "you know that you're gonna give her
One more present, one more lie,"

I didn't see him for a while then
Though I heard his name around
So I walked down a hundred miles when
On that iron bridge it was him I found

I said: "you know that I have wandered
By the dust here on my feet
For every present that I have squandered
On every false heart that I meet

But I can't take back what I gave them
No, I can't make right what I've made wrong
I can't pretend that I tried to save them
When they were drowning in my song

So I don't come here for a new scar
For to cover the things I've done
I just come here to see how you are
Maybe see how I've become,"

Well, he lay there on that iron bridge
Where the earth and the waters part
He said: "hello there, well, ain't you gonna give
One more present to your own false heart?"
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The Present Lyrics

Hem – The Present Lyrics

Songwriters: DANIEL R. MESSE
The Present lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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