A little bit of sunshine
A little bit of booze
A little bit of me
And a little bit of you

A little bit country
A little bit of blues
A little slice of heaven
And a little piece of you...come on

Alcohaulin' a**
Pour another drink in my glass
Alcohaulin' a**
Alcohaul...in' a**

A little bit thirsty
A little bit used
A little bit of whiskey
And a little pinch of chew
A little bit tired
And a bad attitude
A little bit of drinking
And another piece of you


You drove me to it
So there was nothing I could do
You pushed me down
Split me right in two
Now I found the long hard road
Carried the weight of you
Boy oh boy god damn
There's only one thing left to do

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Alcohaulin' A*** Lyrics

Hellyeah – Alcohaulin' A*** Lyrics