Whether or not the weather is on my side
We could be together if I stay bright eyed
I can feel the summer sending signs of fall
I see a happy ending if I stand up tall

Whether or not this cold front is moving in
Or it's just vacation and well soon be friends
I know I can't avoid her she's in the air
May as well polaroid her with the way I stare

Whether or not our season will soon be done
I think I've got a reason to enjoy the sun
I hear the forecast aint as bad as it seems
It should be clearing up if only in dreams

Ooo tonight the stars are oh so bright.
I've gotta get outdoors while the weathers still here
I've gotta take in the starlight before it disappears
A chance lasts a finite time in the warm july night time
So take in all you can
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All Time Low's Lyrics

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