In a hundred different languages
They convey the thoughts of man
They can form a bond as strong as steel
Or break a golden band
They can disapear with one small wave
When written in the sand
Or endure 10000 years in stone
Engraved by God's own hand

Oh their power is real
They can hurt or they can heal
Can't be touched but you can feel
There is strength in every one
And when all is said and done
Wars are lost and battles won with words

Mightier then tempered swords
As they flow from the quill
With every stroke the letters formed
Can breath life or kill
With icy lips and tounges of fire
We burn or bring a chill
But when the truth is told
The rule is gold and universal still

Repeat Chorus X 2

With words
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Words Lyrics

Heirline – Words Lyrics

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