Oh ya

Hey baby I think I wanna give you a smile.
I think I'm goin crazy,
But then the kisses drivin' me wild.
Its allright.
Its allright.
'Cuz I'm here with you every night and day.
So hear what I'm tryin to say
(what I'm trying to say)

All that I know is that I still care.
Can longer go on without you here.
And if I can show how much you mean to me,
Is once in a lifetime.

Hey lovely baby,
I want you in my heart and soul.
I promised you forever that I would never let you go.
Yes I know.
Yes I know.
That my feelings for you will never go.
Cuz you've got a heart of gold.
(A heart of gold)

Chorus x2

It's allright.
Cuz I'm here with you everynight and day.
There's one thing I know,
I would never let you go.


All that I know

Chorus (repeat)
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Once In A Lifetime Lyrics

Heinz Winckler – Once In A Lifetime Lyrics