I'm tired of wakin up at five A. M.
My boss just lost his freakin mind again
Gettin so sick of the same routine
And living out somebody else's dream
All others saw me coming back to life
I'm only twenty but I'm feelin like I'm forty five
Rather burn out than fade away
So come and have a drink on me, on me on me
We were young havin fun
Used to party all night long
Jumping up and down and getting crazy
Bangin' our heads to acdc
We were young, turn it up
Used to party til we dropped
And we wouldn't stop until we'd see the sun
We were young (young, young, young)
I'm tired of dressin up and stressin out
I'm guessin messin up's what I'm about
Kickin and screamin inside my head
A white picket fence you blink you're dead
All others saw me comin back to life
Ticking like a bomb in the blinding lights
I'd rather burn out than fade away
So come and have a drink on me on me on me
Hey hey hey
Time is tickin they say
Hey hey hey
Not a minute wasted
Hey hey hey
It's better to burn out
Than fade away
We were young, young, young, young
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Young Lyrics

Hedley – Young Lyrics

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