Blue Skies once upon a dream
Our eyes never in between
Then into the Garden came the Spider
I'm here for you said the Spider to the fly
And when I am through
You can open up your eyes and see
Your world on fire and the liar won't let go
Atom and Evil

One more promise we can tame the Sun
And then we'll shine forever
Someday you can cry for everyone
Who burn when you were clever
Expand your mind we've got a place for you
Just make believe that 1 and 1 are always 2
When into the corner comes the Spider
Just say no!
Atom and Evil

Falling is Easy rising will never be
So we must rise together
Fear of the changes powerful harmony
But then there's no forever
Atom and Evil

Maybe if we cry together
Maybe if we cry as one
The tears that fall could kill the fire
And keep everyone from Atom and Evil
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Atom And Evil Lyrics

Heaven & Hell – Atom And Evil Lyrics